When displaying content you should provide a meaningful content hierarchy.


Use these components to create a type hierarchy.

If your product has additional needs, follow the standards in Typography.


What we do

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How we support children and families

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Fostering and adoption

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Foster a child

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We build stronger families, safer childhoods and positive futures.

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© Barnardo's

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Use the component below for lists. You should:

  • limit the number on each page
  • introduce with a descriptive sentence
  • aim to keep the length of items similar
  • avoid starting items with the same word

Bulleted List

Use this component when there is no specific sequence or order to the items.

When talking with a professional you should mention:

  • when the problems started
  • if there’s a pattern in the problems
  • any difficulties in school or with friends
  • any big family issues like divorce or bereavement

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Numbered List

Use this component when the items have a specific sequence or count.

If you think your child may be suffering from mental health difficulties:

  1. Lean on your support network.
  2. Tell your child about childline.
  3. Talk to your child’s school.
  4. Visit your child’s GP.

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When displaying images you should:

  • match the tone of the surrounding copy
  • include descriptive alt tags in the code


When displaying videos you should:

  • include subtitles
  • include a transcription


When using these components you should:

  • choose short sentences with one main idea
  • limit the number on each page

Pull Quote

Use this component to emphasise an excerpt from the main content.

Parents needed more support with their emotional wellbeing, boundaries, behaviour, home and money.

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Block Quote

Use this component to display a quotation from a person.

When quoting authoritative adults, ensure they have experience working with young people.

Someone believed in me once and now it’s time for me to do the same.

Young person

The family support worker is able to engage and build positive relationships with families who previously kept their distance from school.

John Smith


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Prominent Block Quote

When using this component you should only use it once on each page.

By tackling the causes as well as the symptoms, we can create better outcomes for more children.

James Roberts

Young person

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Use this component to add a caption, for example to images and videos.

When using this component you should:

  • be clear and concise
  • provide a description that makes sense out of context
A 6:9 dummy image
Participants receiving their certificate

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Use this component for facts.

When using this component you should:

  • use data that’s compelling and easy to understand
  • limit the number on each page

children supported through our school-based programmes


had improved self-esteem

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Use this component to section parts of content.

1st section

2nd section

3rd section

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